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thinking about this re: my last post

"Russell reckons it’s all about parenthood with me. It’s his view that every writer has one story that they go on re-telling and that being a father is mine."- Steven Moffat

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Death in Heaven as a rape culture analogy

Rambling thoughts that grew out of a conversation with Promethia_Tenk. I don't know if any of this makes sense. But I can't stop thinking about it.

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''Moffat stripped away everything that would give the Doctor intellectual authority by default. He ditched absolutely anything that might relate wisdom to gender. He added new dimensions to the notion of intelligence, some of which create a struggle for the Doctor. He gave him new things to learn and people to learn it from. And all it did was to make his wisdom more genuine. All it did was to make the Doctor better.'' x

I want to kiss this post

[This is a major difference in Moffat Who vs Rusty Who. In Rusty Who, the Doctor's wisdom / intelligence is just a burden. Donna gets too close to his level and has to be mind fucked out of it ''for her own good''. (fumes)]

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"Every displaced person dreams of getting their home back the way the Doctor did; to land on one’s feet, to be totally self-sufficient during one’s exile, and eventually one day come back, and regain possession of one’s home, once again touching and feeling the very doors and windows and walls.

I must have rewatched the scene where the Doctor expelled House from his TARDIS dozens of times. To me, it represented the magnificent triumph of the will of a refugee."

An analysis of Moffat Who from the perspective of a Syrian conflict survivor.

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Title: Love is Easy
Author: Owlsie | beta'd by Tardis_Coral
Notes: [Doctor Who | PG-13 | 175 words]
Characters: River / Eleven
Summary: A tiny scene I couldn't get out of my head, so I assaulted it with weird and pretentious sentence structure... title stolen from Melody Gardot.

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Typology Who 2